Center For Spiritual Living Huntsville

Sunday Talks


Life 101

1 – The Hidden Treasure
The Koran tells us that “I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be known”. Could we open to the relevance of that awareness in our own lives? What if the very thing we are seeking is already there? It starts with seeking and then finding the Kingdom of Heaven is within us and all around then the journey begins.

8 – Unlearning Back To God
It has been said true learning is “un” learning. Even Meister Eckhart told us “to know God we must get rid of God”. It is all about letting go of beliefs, concepts and ideas that bind us instead of liberating us. Let us take the “via negative” path this Sunday and strip away all the layers of ignorance to reveal the naked truth.

15 – The Art Of Seeing
Could we learn to see with new eyes? Looking beyond appearances we then see a deeper reality that is waiting to be viewed. We even see into the darkness and find the light. In the movie AVATAR they used the phrase “I see you” to communicate a level of seeing beyond what things look like. This is the “art” of seeing.

22 – Remembering & Forgetting
A five year old said to his three year old sibling, “Tell me again, I am beginning to forget”. Have we forgotten who we are? Is all of life about remembering? Let us explore this dynamic and rediscover what we already know. How simple and yet challenging it is.

29 – The Life Of Experience
There is a knowledge called “empirical”, meaning it comes from direct experience. We can only really know something when we have “lived” it. In this investigation of LIFE 101, step into the arena of our own experience. Only then are we really living an authentic life.


Love 101

5 – Be Love Now
Ram Dass has a new book out by this same title. Perhaps this is the next step from BE HERE NOW. When we realize all there is in this world is “God” or “Love” and it is what we are, then we are called to “be” It. What does that look like? What is asked of us? Let us explore this together.

12 – Why We Need Each Other
It was not enough for Adam to be alone in the Garden so God created Eve. Does love need another to share itself with? The “One” needed the two in order to experience Itself through reflection and resonance. We will inquire into the dynamic of shared intimacy through love. It will surprise you in many ways.

19 – To See With Love
Looking through the eyes of love we see things differently than if we look through the eyes of judgment or fear. Could we see in this radical way? What would change as a result? Only through our willingness to participate in this new way of seeing will love ever be revealed. Let us do this together.

26 – Not Two
When it all comes down to reality, the bottom line is there are “not two”. There is no other. As Dr. Holmes stressed throughout the Science Of Mind, “There is only ONE”. “All we teach”, he said, “is Oneness”. Is the final lesson on love that simple? If we knew we were each other, what would life/love be like? Let us find out.